Thoughts from the Running Trail - "In Honor of Martin Luther King"


The wave of the future is not the conquest of the world by a single dogmatic creed
but the liberation of the diverse energies of free nations and free men.
John F. Kennedy

SgtMaj and I always say it is a Leadership factory at CJTF-HOA and we build Leaders first.  We do so and we are so successful because this command is the most diverse we have seen.  It is a melting pot of each of our services; active duty, reserves, and our coalition and civilian partners.  We embrace each other’s culture, and, SgtMaj and I challenge each of you to learn from one another’s service culture and service traditions.  While being in the countries of our East Africa Partners, share a little of your culture and learn about the culture of the country you are in.  In turn, this will make our organization and our mission stronger and more successful.

We all may have some things in common, but we are all unique.  Some of us have different characteristics such as our backgrounds, our personalities, our culture and how we express ourselves in the way we talk.  That is why diversity is a good thing; it brings out our strongest assets.  It is important to recognize that, “one size fits all”, when managing our personnel, does not always achieve fairness and equality.  That is why being consistently fair, but flexible (Semper Gumby) is very important.

As a leader in the greatest CJTF in the free world, you play a key role in diversity in our organization and we should remember diversity is threaded throughout every aspect of being a Leader.  It is important to understand and except ways to manage a diverse unit.  We are all different in some ways and being able to recognize that is important.

Here at CJTF-HOA, because this organization is so diverse, we see the benefits that diversity provides such as improved morale, thinking outside the box, great teamwork, and an atmosphere built on mutual, shared trust and understanding. That is why we have a Joint Task Force Team that treats one another with dignity and respect.  We should all remember the golden rule “treat everyone the way you want to be treated”.

We all contribute to the fight, and, because we are so diverse, we think more creatively and we think outside the box.  Ubuntu…I am because we are.


Leadership Commander Senior Enlisted Leader