Supporting Service Members is Team Sport at Camp Lemonnier

U.S. Air Force Col. Jeremey Turner, 449th Air Expeditionary Group commander,
introduces himself to new members of the Care Team Oct. 31, 2014, at the
Freedom Chapel on Camp Lemonnier. 
449th Air Expeditionary Group Commander introduces Himself to New Members of the Care Team

U.S. Air Force Col. Jeremey Turner, 449th Air Expeditionary Group commander, introduces himself to new members of the Care Team Oct. 31, 2014, at the Freedom Chapel on Camp Lemonnier. The recurring Care Team meetings help Camp Lemonnier and Combined Joint Task Force -- Horn of Africa leaders discuss, identify and generate solutions to service members' issues on camp. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Dillon White)

Have an idea for improvements at Camp Lemonnier? Having an issue? Perhaps one of your Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen or Marines has a concern?

CJTF-HOA has a team of people who are here to help.

The Care Team is a unique support team headed by CJTF-HOA senior leadership and comprised of not only support agency personnel from eight offices, but representatives from all HOA units.  The team’s task is to effectively respond to concerns and coordinate responses to personnel issues and trends across the joint team.

“If you need something, just ask,” said Master Sgt. David Jefferson, 449th Air Expeditionary Group first sergeant. “Letting the smallest issues build up can become big over time. Talk to someone or ask someone.

“The resources here are pretty awesome, they really care about the people – you call them and it’s automatic -- boom,” said Jefferson while snapping his fingers. “They assist in any way they can.”

And to get the feedback on how things are within the 449th AEG, Jefferson said he likes to visit Airmen in their work areas and ask how they are.

“I ask, ‘how is the job,’ and ‘how are you doing personally and overall,’” Jefferson said. “People bring up quality-of-life, personal or work issues. If there are trends I bring that to the Care team meetings.”

The team meets with CJTF-HOA leadership and unit representatives to identify trends and common issues affecting personnel. By doing this, it gives senior leaders a clear understanding of trends and allows for continuity to address problems as the people who report them come and go.

The trends reported to the Care Team offer continuity to ensure problems do not go uncorrected with someone’s departure.

“This is another benefit of having subject matter experts come together to discuss common trends happening with people,” said U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. Bonnie Skinner, Combined Joint Task Force- Horn of Africa senior enlisted leader. “No confidentiality information is released during the meetings, only information on the broader spectrum of issues happening with the service members. This gives leaders a better understanding and can help us address problems.”

Skinner also emphasized that while the Care Team offers outstanding solutions, supervisors and coworkers need to remain cognizant of people around them.

“The Care Team does not take the place of engaged leadership and knowing your service members and any issues going on with them,” Skinner said. “The Care Team is another avenue of great resources for service members to use.”

For more information about the Care Team, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines are encouraged to visit the helping agencies on Camp Lemonnier and bring concerns to their supervisors or chain of command.

Shipmates, wingmen, battle buddies and teammates are here to help.

To contact members of the Care Team, please reference the contact information below:

-CJTF-HOA Chaplain, DSN 824-5375

-CJTF-HOA Inspector General, DSN 824-4097

-Expeditionary Medical Facility, DSN 824-4906

-Fleet and Family Readiness, DSN 824-4538

-Military and Family Life Counselor, DSN 824-4395

-Red Cross, DSN 824-4713

-CJTF-HOA Safety, DSN 824-4084

-Camp Lemonnier Safety, DSN 824-4091

-Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, DSN 824-4532


Senior Enlisted Leader Camp Lemonnier Care Team

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