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Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa #USArmy #Cavalry #partners #building .S. Africa Command Data Sharing Network .S. Africa Command Data Sharing Network @updfspokesperson 1/124 1/124th Inf. Rgt. 101st 101st Airborne 101st Airborne; DANAB; Somalia; AMISOM; UNSOM; Advise and assist; Horn of Africa; Combined Joint Task Force- Horn of Africa 1-124 IN 1-153rd IN 11th MEU 124th 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit 144th Infantry Regiment 153rd Cavalry 153rd Infantry Regiment 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit 15th MEU 1-77 1-77 1-77 1-77 1-77 17th Expeditionary Air Force 1st Battalion 1st Battalion 124th Infantry Regiment 2/16th Infantry Battalion 205th EIS 2-124 2-16th CAB Rangers 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit 24th MEU 303rd Expeditionary Rescue Squadron 303rd Expeditionary Rescue Squadron (ERQS) 3-144th IN 351st EARS 37th CMC 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team 3rd Air Force 3rd Battalion 403 CA BN 403rd CA BN 403rd Civil Affairs Battalion 404th CA 404th Civil Affairs 404th Civil Affairs Battalion 407th Civil Affairs Battalion 40th Anniversary 411th Civil Affairs Battalion 415th CA 415th Civil Affairs Battalion 418th Civil Affairs Battalion 435th Air Expeditionary Wing 443rd Civil Affairs Battalion 449th AEG 449th AEG 449th Expeditionary Group 510th EFS 53rd Infantry Brigade 53rd Infantry Brigade 5k 5k 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade 5th MEB 5th Overseas Interarms Regiment 5th Overseas Interarms Regiment 5th Overseas Interarms Regiment 5th Overseas Interarms Regiment 5th RIAOM 5th RIAOM 5th RIAOM 5th RIAOM 6th Fleet 726 EABS 726th EABS 726th Expeditionary Air Base Squadron 75th EAS 75th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron 818th Mobility Support Advisory Squadron 81st Expeditionary Rescue Squadron 82nd Expeditionary Rescue Squad 870th Air Expeditionary Squadron Radar Advisory Unit 9/11 Remembrance Abdelkader Mohamed Humad accident ACOTA ACSS ACSS ACSS ACSS ADPEB ADSN ADSN Advise and assist AFAFRICA AFAFRICA AFAFRICOM Afar Afari AFCENT Band AFE AFircom Africa Africa Center for Strategic Studies Africa Data Sharing Network Africa Data Sharing Network Africa doctor: Africa First Initiative Africa Union Mission in Somalia Africa Union Mission in Somalia African Health African Hospital African Medicine African Mission in Somalia African Mission to Somalia African Partnership Flight African Standy Force African tribal dance African Union African Union Mission in Somalia African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) AFRICOM AFRICOM AFRICOM AFRICOM Africom Data Sharing Network AFRICOM Djibouti AFRICOM Djibouti AFRICOM Weather System AFRICOM. Army Agreement Ahmed the Herder Aid Air Force Air Mobility Command Air Show Airborne Aircraft Airman Airmen Ali Ouney allies Alligator Dagger Allison Aloha Al-Shabaab Ambassador ambulance American Embassy American Embassy in Djibouti Amharic AMIA AMISOM ammo can carry Amphibious Ready Group AMX-10RCR and push-ups ANGLICO animal care Animals Anniversary Jump anti-poaching Area of Interest arid Ark Peace Arkansas Arkansas Army National Guard Arkansas National Guard aʀme də tɛʀ Armée de terre Army Army Airborne Army Basic Combatives Course Army Civil Affairs Army Guard Army National Guard Army Reserve Army Reserves Army: US Army Arta Arta Beach Arta Interservices Military Academy Arta Mountains Arta Plage Artillery Artillery Artillery Artillery Artillery assistant command fitness leaders, esprit de corps, safety, U.S. Navy Association De Developpment Et Protection De L'Enfant A Besoin AT4 award Balloon Base Aérienne 188 battalion battlefield deaths Beach BEST PRACTICE bilateral training Blue Thunder Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brig. Gen. Wayne Grigsby, Jr. brigadier general Britain British Army British Army buddy carry Burundi Burundian National Defense Force (BNDF) C 160 C-130 C-130J C160 C-160 C-160 Transall C-17 C-17 C-17 C-17 C-17 C-4 ca cadet Camels Camp Lemmonier Camp Lemonnier Camp Lemonnier, CJTF-HOA, CJTF-HOA PAO, Scott Wyly, Civil Affairs Camp Lemonnier, CLDJ, Horn of Africa, FAD, fitness, soccer Camp Singo Camp Zama Canadian Canadian Royal Navy Capstone car accident Carabinieri Care Packages Care Team caretakers Caritas Caritas Djibouti Clinic Carmouche Castellanos Cathédrale Notre-Dame du Bon-Pasteur de Djibouti Catholic church of Djibouti CDA celebration Central Africa Central African Republic ceremony CFT Chad Change of Command Chaplain Chaplain Corps charity Charlie Company Chemicals Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Chief of Staff Childern children China Chinese Chinese Chinese Military Christmas C-IED Civil Affairs Civil Affairs Battalion Civil Military Cooperation Training Course CJTF CJTF - HOA CJTF_HOA CJTFHOA CJTF-HOA CJTF-HOA PAO, French Desert Commando Course, Arta, Djibouti, Camp Lemonnier CJTF-HOA patching ceremony CJTF-HOA patching ceremony CJTF-HOA patching ceremony CJTF-HOA, AFRICOM, Somalia Police Force, Carabinieri, MAIDIT Somalia 6, marksmanship CJTF-HOA; 82nd ERQS; Kenya Defence Forces; United States Air Force; USAF; VC-22 Osprey; Pararescue; Special Operations; SERE; clans CLB-11 CLC CLDJ CLS CLS CMC CMP Shoot Coalition Coalition Forces Coastal Riverine Squadron Coastal Riverine Squadron Eight CODEL Colonel Youssouf Idjihadi Combat Combat Course Combat First Aid Exercise Combat fitness test combat lifesaver course Combat Lifesavers Course combat lifesvaer Combat Marksmanship Program Combat Medic Combat Medics Combat Patch combat stress Combat Weather Combine Joint Task Force combined forces combined forces Combined Joint Task Force Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa Combined Joint Task Force- Horn of Africa Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa; CJTF-HOA; AFRICOM; DJibouti; African Medicine; African Hospital; African Health; Africa doctor: Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa; CJTF-HOA; Explosive Ordnance Disposal; EOD; Partner National; TPDF; Tanzania People's Defense Force; Military; Foreign Military; Ordnance; Combined Joint Task-Horn of Africa Combined Task Force 51 COMMAND Command Sgt. Maj. Commandant of the Marine Corps Commander Commbat Patch commitment Commonwealth communications Community Health Worker Comoros compass Competition comraderie comraderie Congress Congressional Delegation Construction Contingency Contracting Office Contractors corporals course Corporal's Leadership Course counter extremism Counter Illicit Trafficking counter terrorism counter-IED Countermeasures counterpoaching Counter-Terrorism Course CrossFit CRS 10, Coastal Riverines Squadron, Djibouti, Camp Lemonnier, Kenya, Navy, Maritime CRS 11 CRS 8 CRS-8 CTF 68 CTF-150 CTF-51 CTJF-HOA culture Dagger Alligator Dailey DANAB dance dancing Daniel A. Dailey D-Day DDH-981 dead lift Defense Attaché Defense Attaché Kenya defense steering committee Demo Democratic Republic of the Congo Demonstration dental care Department of Defense Department of State Deployment Deputy Commander deputy commander of CJTF-HOA Deputy Director for Strategic Initiatives Deputy Director for Strategic Initiatives Deputy Director for Strategic Initiatives Desert Survival detenation development Dikhil Dikhil Women's Health Program director disaster Disaster Relief distance education Dive team Djibouti Djibouti Armed Forces Djibouti Business Exchange Djibouti City DJIBOUTI FIRST Djibouti Medical Symposium Djibouti Ministry of Health Djibouti New European Cemetery Djiboutian Djiboutian Armed Forces Djiboutian Business Exchange (DBE) Djiboutian Indepedence Day Djiboutian Indepence Day Djiboutian Independence Day Djiboutian Independence Day Djiboution Armed Forces DNBI doctor DOD Donations Dooda Health Clinic Douda Health Clinic Drill Drug DV Dyess AFB Dyess Air Force Base EA16 Eagle Scout Service Members EARF EASSC East Africa East Africa Reaction Force East Africa Response Force East Africa Response Force (EARF) East African Theater Security Cooperation Conference Eastern Accord Eastern Accord 2016 EasternAccord16 Ebola education Egypt EIB Election Electoral Elephant Embassy Emergency Response Plan ENDF ENDF English English Discussion Group Enviromental health Environmental health EOD EODMU 6 EODMU 8 EODMU6 Eritrea esprit de corps essay Ethiopia Ethiopian National Defense Force Ethiopian National Defense Force European Union Exercise Exercise Cutlass Express Expeditionary Medical Facility Expeditionary Rescue Squadron Expert Infantry Badge Explosive Explosive Ordnance Disposal eyesight eyesight F-16 FAD FAD FAD Female Veterans Field Field Sanitation Field Sanitation Team Fighter Fighter Jet Fingerprints Fire Firing Range first aid first reponse first responce fitness five-mile ruck march five-mile ruck march Flag Flag raising Flare Flares FLIGHT EQUIPMENT Flight of the Valkyries Florida Army National Guard Florida National Guard force commander of AMISOM Forces Armées Djiboutiennes Foreign Military Foreign Policy Advisor Forensics Fort Campbell Fox News france France, Freedom French French 5th Marine Regiment French 5th Marine Regiment French Air Force French Air Force French Army French Army French Defense Health Service French Desert Commando Course French Desert Survival Course French Forces French Forces French Forces French Forces French Forces French Forces Djibouti French Marine 5th Regiment French Marines French Marines Desert Commando Course French Military French Mud Run French Mud Run French Service Members FST FSTT Fusion Action Cell FxSP Game Reserve Game Reserve Ranger Game Warden Gazelle GC/MS Gen. Daniel Allyn Gen. Stephen Wilson Gen. Tod D. Wolters GENDARMERIE general German German Ambassador German Ambassador to Djibouti German, Germany gift Goats graduate graduation Grand Bara Grand Bara 2015 grenade toss Grisby Guan Bolin Guard Gulf of Tadjoura Haramaya University Harris radio Hawaiian HC-130 Hercules Health Health Clinic Health Practices helicopter hero HH-60 Pave Hawk Higher Institute for Health Sciences HMMWV HOA Holhol holiday Holm Center Horn of Africa humanitarian Humanitarian and Peace Support School (HPSS) Humanitarian Assistance Humanitarian Mine Action Humanitarian Mine Action hunting IDRB Iftar Iinuma illicit trade Imam Imam. Iman Independence infantry injured Inspection Institute Institute of Diplomatic Studies Interceptor International Compound International Development and Relief Board International partnerships International Peace Support Training Center Investigation Islam Islamic Affairs ISR Issa Italian Italian Military italy J44 Force Engineers J8 J-8 J9 Japan Japan Ground Self Defense Force Japan Ground Self-Defense Forces Japanese Japanese Military JIIM JIIM JOC John Kerry Joint Joint Coporal's Leadershipe Development Course Joint Corporals Course Joint Corporal's Leadership Development Course joint environment joint forces Joint Improvised-threat Defeat Organization Joint Marine Corps Corporals Course Joint Military Academy Joint Operations Joint physical fitness test Joint Service Joint Service Achievement Medal Joint Services Joint Services Joint Task Force Joint Terminal Attack Control (JTAC) Joint Theater Forensics Analysis Center Joint Training Joint Warrior Competition JPME: Joint Professional Military Education JSDF JTAC JTAC JTACS JTFAC Kaleth Wright kandani KANG Kay KC-135 Stratotanker KDF Kelly Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky ANG Kentucky National Guard Kenya Kenya Defence Forces Kenya Defense Force Kenya Defense Force Kenya Military Kenya Military Kenya Military Kenya Military Kenya Military Kenyan Defense Force Kenyan Defense Force (KDF) Kick for Knick kick for nick Kick for Nick; kicks for nick Kigali Koron Range Area Lac Abbe Land Land Navigation Landing language language LCAC Leaders Leadership learn Lemonnier LHD 5 LHD 8 Liberia Liberty life life lifesaver life-saving limb limb Live Fire livestock Livingston low crawl Lt. Gen. Hiromichi Kawamata Lt. Gen. Osman Soubagleh M110 M224 M224 M240 M252 Maasai Trive Maasai Village Madagascar MAIDIT Somalia 6 Maintainers Maintenance Mairne Maintenance and Operations Seminar Mairne Maintenance and Operations Seminar Mairne Maintenance and Operations Seminar Major General Mark R. Stammer Managing Security Resources in Africa Seminar maps Marathon Marching Band Marine Marine Marine Corps Marine Corps Corporals Course Marine Corps Corporal's Course Marine Corps Martial Arts Program Marine Expeditionary Unit Marines Marines: Navy: Arta: Djibouti: Live Fire: Alligator Dagger Maritime Security Mark-19 marksmanship Mass Casualty Mass Casualty Exercise Maternity hospital Mauritius MCMAP MDARS medal MEDCAP MEDEVAC medic medic medical Medical Seminar Medicine medics Memorial Day Memorial Mash Mental mental health MIA military Military Advisor to the Royal Danish Embassy Military Dive Military Health Engagement military information support operations Military Working Dog Demonstration Military-to-Military Minister Ministry of Ministry of Education Mirage MISO mission Mission and Manning Conference mission statement Mogadishu Mogadishu Coordination Cell Mogadishu: Task Force Sparta MOH Montclair Montclair Montclair Montclair Mooney Moore Moore Moorehead Morale mortar mortar mortarmen Mozambique MRAPS mud run Multinational Operations Muslim MWR Nairobi Narcotics national anthem national defense medal National Defense University National Guard National Guard National Guard National Guard Bureau National Military Strategy Conference National Park National Police Week Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133 Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 22 Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 74 Naval Mobile Construction Battalion ONE Naval War College navigation Navy Navy Medicine Professional Development Center Navy Medicine Professional Development Center, Navy swim test NCO NCO course NEO NEO exercise nine line medivac NMCB 1 NMCB 133 NMCB1 NMPDC, nomad nomadic non-combatant evacuation exercise noncombatant evacuation operation Non-Commission Officer Normandy North Africa Obock O'Brien obstacle course OFDA Ohio National Guard Open-Source Intelligence Course Operational Airlift Support Command operations Ordnance Our Lady of the Good Shepherd Cathedral parachute parachute Parachutist Parade PARARESCUE Paratrooper Paratrooper Park Rangers partner Partner National partners Partnership Partnerships Peacekeeping Pendantonga PFA PFT Physical physical training PIO Piracy PJHQ PME poachers Police pool Port of Djibouti Porto de Djibouti Prayer Presidential election Preventative Medicine Profession of Arms Profession of Arms Profession of Arms Profession of Arms professtional providers psychological operations PSYOP PT Public Information Officer Seminar Public Information Operations pull-ups PUMA PUMA PUMA PUMA PUMA Quarterly Bazaar radio medical evacuation Ramadan Ramstein AB Range Range Clearing Operations ranger RDF readiness Real World Rear Admiral Alex Krongard recon re-enlistment regional security Religion Religious Religious Affairs Religous Affairs Remembrance Day Djibouti Rep. Austin Scott Rep. Jimmy Panetta Rep. Marc Veasey Repel Representative Austin Scott Republic of Korea Republic of Korea Republic of Korea Rescue response. JHOC rifle RIGGER Riverines Riverines Riverines Rodriguez Rodriguez ROKS Choi Young Roman Catholic Church rope climb ROTC Royal Danish Embassy RQ-11 Run rural Rwanda Rwanda Defense Force SA 330 SA 342 SABC Saifulislam Saifulislam Sailor Sailors Salute school Science Scout Sniper Platoon Scuba Diving Sea Bees Seabee Seabees SECAF Secretary of the Air Force Security Security Security Security Seminole Battalion Senior Defense Official Senior Enlisted Senior Enlisted Leader Sergeant Major of the Army Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Service Members Seth Michaud Expeditionary Medical Facility Seychelles Sgt Maj MC Sgt. Maj. Sgt. Maj.of the Marine Corps Sheep sheperd Ship silver Simulation singing sit-ups SMA small unit tactics SNA SNA Symposium SNA Symposium soccer Soldier Soldiers Soldiers Somali Somali National Army Somali Police Force Somalia Somalia National Army Somalia National Police Somalia Police Force Maritime Police Unit Somalians song Sonntag South Carolina South Korea South Sudan Southern Africa Special Operations SP-MAGTF CR SPP SPP SPP Spur Ride Spur Ride, CJTF-HOA, U.S. Army, joint training St. Michel Stabilization stabilization of Somalia Staff Sgt. Maria Bowman Stammer Stammer star spangled banner Starlifter State Department State Partnership Program State Partnership Program State Partnership Program Stephen Schwartz stress student studies studies study Sudan Sultan Sultan of Tadjoura Sultanate Sunset Super Hercules Surgeon survival course survive swim swimming TACP TACP Tactical Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) Tactical Combat Casualty Care Tadjoura Tadjourah Take off Tanazania Tank Tanzania Tanzania Defence Intelligence College Tanzania People's Defense Force Tanzanian Wildlife Authority Task Force Bayonet Task Force Hurricane Task Force Sparta Task Force Warrior TCCC TDF teach Teamwork Texas Army National Guard Texas National Guard Texas Netional Guard Thielde tire flip Tom Kelly Tour tourniquet application TPDF Training Transall Transfer of Authority TRANSITION tropical diseases Tropical Medicine two-mile run U.N. U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization U.S. U.S. Africa Command U.S. Africa Command, AFRICOM, USAFRICOM U.S. AFRICOM U.S. Air Force U.S. Air Force generals U.S. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff U.S. Air Forces Cental Command U.S. Air Forces Central Command U.S. Air Forces Central Command Band U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa U.S. Army U.S. Army Africa U.S. Army Birthday U.S. Army Birthday Ball U.S. Army Commendation Medal U.S. Army Reserve U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Embassy-Djibouti U.S. Marine Corps U.S. Marine Corps Corporals Course U.S. Marine Corps Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force (SPMAGTF) U.S. Marines U.S. Military U.S. Mission to Somalia U.S. Moktar U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps U.S. Navy U.S. Navy EOD U.S. Secretary of State U.S. Soldiers U.S.Africa Command UAV UGABAG 22 Uganda Uganda People’s Defense Force Uganda People's Defence Force Uganda People's Defense Force Ugandan Battle Group 22 Ugandan Peoples Defense Force UH-1Y Huey UK UK Mission Support Team UK Mission Support Team UN UNFP United Kingdom United Nations United States United States Africa Command, USAFRICOM, Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa, CJTF-HOA, Chief Master Sgt. Ramon Colon-Lopez, carnivore leadership United States and France United States Armed Forces United States Army Africa United States Embassy Tanzania United States Marine Corps United States Marines United States Navy UNMAS UNSOM UPDF US Africa Command US Africom Command US Africom Command US Africom Command US Africom Command US Africom Command US Africom Commanding General US Air Force US Air Force US Air Force US Air Force US Air Force US Army US Army US Army US Army US Army US Army Africa US Army Africa US Army Africa US Army Africa US Army Africa US Army Reserves US Navy US Navy US Navy US Navy US Navy USA USAF USAFE USAfricaCommand USAFRICOM USAFRICOM USAID USARAF USArmyAfrica USMC USMC Drill USN USS Anchorage USS Bataan USS Makin Island UXO VCSA Vehicle Maintenance vehicle turnover VEO Vet VET CAP Veterinary Veterinary Medicine Veternarians Vice Chief of Staff of the Army video production village violent extremist organization violent extremist organizations, VEO, Somalia, Somalians, Al-Shabaab visit Voting Vrooman Waldhauser Walter Reed Warrior Weapons Weather Balloon Weather Sounding Wheeler Women who serve Women's History Month workshop workshop World Health Organization Yemen Yoboki Yuasa