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Regional Senior Mission Leaders Course in Kenya concludes 13th iteration

Military, government and police officials from 13 countries gathered for the 13th Regional Senior Mission Leaders Course at the International Peace Support Training Centre in Karen, Kenya, Feb. 15-26, 2016.


The United States established diplomatic relations with Sudan in 1956, following its independence from joint administration by Egypt and the United Kingdom. Sudan broke diplomatic relations with the United States in 1967 after the start of the Arab-Israeli War. Relations were reestablished in 1972. In the 1990s, The Sudanese Government’s links with international terrorist organizations led the United States to designate Sudan in 1993 as a state sponsor of terrorism and to suspend U.S. Embassy operations in 1996. The U.S. Embassy was reopened in 2002. Sudan has provided concrete cooperation against international terrorism since the September 11, 2001 terrorist strikes against the United States.